Faber & Oostdyk — Pursuing Justice And Fairness Through Ethical Means

When Faber & Oostdyk first opened its doors in 1982, our mantra was simple: Every life matters and every human being has the right to be treated equally and fairly.

After more than three decades of practice helping clients in Burlington, Hamilton, Milton and Halton Region, Ontario, our steadfast belief in this philosophy has never wavered. It has only grown stronger. As today's legal climate continues to increase in complexity, we feel an even greater need to keep our vision of justice clear and our approach to attaining it a strong one.

A Higher Calling In The Quest For Justice

We are convinced that the strength and success of a law firm depend largely on the fundamental values that drive its practice. At Faber & Oostdyk, our foundation is built on the pursuit of noble aims, unshakable faith in justice and an overriding sense of accountability to both our clients and to the principles of what is right and good.

Working ethically to achieve high-quality results for our clients has always meant a lot to us. With the precious knowledge and experience we have gained over the years, we feel a strong commitment toward our clients — the ones who can benefit most from dependable advice and fair, workable solutions to their legal problems.

Our Gold Standard Of Care

By maintaining a compact practice in a small-firm setting, we control the consistency and quality of our service to each client and every case. We aim to be accessible, responsive, supportive and professional.

At the end of each day, when our clients feel that they have received care, dignity, sound advice and the best possible result for their matter at law, we have deep satisfaction knowing that we have fulfilled our mission.

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Complimentary Consultations

Our team welcomes your questions and is always ready to help. Call us for a free legal consultation at 905-681-7800 or reach us through our online form.